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For More Episodes And Product Info Visit Monologue Nutritional Pharmacist Melissa Golladay fills in for Dr. Joel Wallach. Beginning the show discussing how she came to be a pharmacist. Stating that she first thought about becoming a doctor. But had issues with blood so she decided to be a pharamcist. But after seeing customers come in taking dozens of medications. Many of which be taken together she decided to shift gears and focus more on nutrition. Pearls of Wisdom Doug Winfrey and Melissa Golladay discuss a news article regarding a study of NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). A meta-analysis of some 446,763 patients of whom some 61,460 had a heart attack. The resutls showed that there is a heightened risk of heart attack after taking NSAIDS. The risk increased as doses got higher along with the frequency of use. In fact depending on dose and use the risk was from 20% to 50%. Callers Michael has questions about arthritis because both of his grandmothers

For More Episodes And Product Info Visit Monologue Dr. Joel Wallach starts the show today outlining some on his early research on mineral deficiencies. Stating that almost all chronic diseases are linked to nutrient deficiencies. Mostly mineral deficiencies with a few that are vitamin and essential oils deficiencies. Asserting that when people stopped putting wood ash in their home gardens people lost their source of minerals. Pearls of Wisdom Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss a news article regarding a study from the University of Washington on life expectancy. Although as a whole in the U.S. life expectancies have been on the rise in recent decades. Some counties have much lower life expectancies by as much as 20 years compared to the highest counties. Oglala Lakota County, South Dakota the life expectancy is only 66.8. While Summit County, Colorado the life expectancy is 86.8 years. Researchers attributing these disparities mostly to risk factors such as obesity,

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