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Dr. Wallach begins the show discussing the annual cost of treating the symptoms of common health challenges. Stating that arthritis costs $626.8 billion annually. While MS (multiple sclerosis) costs $85 billion and heart disease costs $316.8 billion. Contending this is an enormous amount of money to spend on just treating symptoms not curing anything.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss a news article regarding the health benefits of eating celery. It contains cancer fighting compounds such as apigenin. Studies have shown that apigenin can inhibit the initiation, progression and metastasis of tumors. Another study that apigenin can help starve pancreatic cancer cells by depriving them of the glucose needed to fuel cancer's rampant growth.


Carolyn has high blood pressure, chronic fatigue and reactive hypoglycemia.

Ken has a friend having difficulty swallowing food.

John is experiencing foot pain and his doctor is telling him he has a splinter.

David asks Doc if ocra is good to eat.

Dr. Joel Wallach begins the show today discussing arthritis and osteoporosis. Stating that treating the symptoms of arthritis costs $626.8 billion annually. Contending that treating symptoms is not the right thing to do. Asserting if people would supplement with all 90 essential nutrients and taking antibiotics the disease can be reversed.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss a news article regarding the health benefits of berries. One study from the Medical College of Wisconsin found that a diet of freeze-dried strawberries or black raspberries can help inhibit esophageal cancer by up to 70% in rats. The findings indicate that berries can inhibit colon cancer in animal subjects by as much as 80%.


Bobby has several health challenges including type 2 diabetes, degenerative disk disease, tinnitus, atrial fibrillation, arthritis and peripheral neuropathies.

James has a friend that has been told he losing blood but his doctor doesn't know where it is going.

Mark has concerns that his bowel movements are too large.

Janet has a friend with type 2 diabetes and recovering from a stroke.

David has a friend with osteoporosis of the skull.

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