The pinnacle of the research pioneered by Dr. Joel Wallach is the development of this simple revolutionary product. Incorporating Tangy Tangerine (original or 2.0) into your diet is the simplest way to ensure you are getting the 90 essential nutrients your body needs to survive and thrive.

Forget about buying multiple jars of different high priced vitamin and mineral supplements, wondering if you are taking the right doses of dozens of nutrients, wondering if any of it is being absorbed and then forgetting to regularly take handfuls of off flavored pills.

Tangy Tangerine 2.0 takes out the guess work and the cost. You just mix two scoops into water or juice during your daily routine and you have the basic foundation for good nutritional balance.

Please note that it is not necessary to take a full recommended dose of Tangy Tangerine at one time. Especially for older folks or folks with more sensitive digestive systems, taking two or four scoops in a single glass of water to start out is not a good idea. We recommend starting out with half a scoop in a glass of water twice a day. Try that for a week or so, then increase the dose at your own pace. Usually, you'll find yourself actually craving Tangy Tangerine, especially in those low energy parts of the day.

For more advice on taking Tangy Tangerine, take a look at our Dissolving Tangy Tangerine Video.

Take a look at the Healthy Body Paks which incorporate other supplements for more comprehensive nutritional support focused both on general health and on more specific health goals like sugar balance or weight loss.

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Tangy Tangerine

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