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Dead Doctors Don't Lie Radio 5/02/2022

Dr. Joel Wallach begins the show today discussing his theory of the cause and reversal of MS (multiple scleroisis). Contending the cause is nutritional deficiencies. Stating that if people would use his protocol the disease could be wiped out. Citing several other common health challenges and asserting they are due to pinched nerves.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss a news article regarding the health benefits of rose hips. The seed pods of rose plants usually red or orange but can also be purple or black. Used to make jellies, sauces, syrups and soups. Loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants such as vitamin E, lycopene and beta-carotine. Rose hips help strengthen the immune system, helps relieve arthritis pain, can help heart disease, regulates blood sugar and treats gastrointestinal problems.


Rick has questions concerning rheumatoid arthritis and is 50 pounds overweight.

Robert is constipated is recovering from a stroke and has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

Joseph has balance problems has his jaw clinching.

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