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Dead Doctors Don't Lie Radio 2/11/2021

Dr. Joel Wallach begins the show today discussing the Covid 19 numbers of infections and deaths. Asserting that the vaccines are a good thing. But may not work as good if people are eating gluten. That destroys the villi in the intestines compromising the ability to make white blood cells and platelets to fight the virus.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss a news article regarding a study from the North American Menopause Society. Finding that vitamin D supplementation is associated reduction in cancer related deaths by 25%. While supplementation of omega 3 fatty acids is associated with a 28% reduction in occurrence of heart attacks.


Steven has questions concerning tooth decay and cavities.

Ida has a dog diagnosed with skin cancer.

Craig has high blood pressure and has questions about magnesium supplementation.

Michael recently had a minor aneurysm and was told it was too small to operate.
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