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Dead Doctors Don't Lie Radio 2/10/2021

Dr. Joel Wallach begins the show today discussing the Covid 19 virus numbers of infections and deaths. Stating that while getting the vaccines is a good thing they may not benefit all who get them. Contending that if people have been eating gluten their whole lives the vaccine might not be effect. Asserting that the gluten kills the bone marrow compromising the individual's ability to make white blood cells, platelets and antibodies.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss a news article concerning the health benefits of Alpha-lipoic acid. Several studies have found that alpha-lipoic acid can lower blood sugar levels and prevent diabetic nephropathy in type 2 diabetics. Also known to improve the biological response to sugar and reduces insulin resistance.


Rodney has high blood pressure and is on dialysis three times a week.

Dennis has broken bones from an accident that aren't healing properly.

Abdul has been diagnosed with fatty liver disease and a fatty pancreas.

John is experiencing extremely itchy skin on his back.
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